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Voice and Data Systems

R.F. Fisher Electrical Contractors
Unlike other fields that are more predictable, communication technology moves so quickly, it is hard for most organizations to keep up. At R.F. Fisher we pride ourselves at not only keeping up but being ahead of the curve. We’ll help you remain competitive, increase revenues and satisfy customers with whatever new technology is available. Our Informational Systems Division designs, installs, maintains and manages the most sophisticated voice, data and video communications systems. We can’t tell you what communication technology will look like in 20 years. But, we can tell you that R.F. Fisher will be there ahead of the curve continuing our 43 year commitment to excellence.
  • Integrating design and technology for complete communications systems
  • Voice/data/video network design & installation
  • Fiber optic design & installation
  • Auto–CAD services & documentation
  • Testing & troubleshooting