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R.F. Fisher Electrical Contractors
At R.F. Fisher we serve a wide variety of industry sectors, giving us a breadth of experience that we can bring to bear on any job. Here are a few of the key industries to which we’ve lent our electrical expertise.


R.F. Fisher has been providing electrical service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for over 42 years. Your electrical service is vital to your business. So from construction, to renovation, to emergency service, you can count on R.F. Fisher as a dependable partner.
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R.F. Fisher and its’ specialists have worked on scores of healthcare projects. We know that projects in the healthcare field have critical scheduling dates, costs and unique quality demands.
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High-Tech Data Center

A high-tech data center is the heart and brains of any company. Powering that center is critically important. That’s why industry leaders like Sprint, AT&T, and Century Tel rely on R.F. Fisher to power these vitally important installations.
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Whether it is an up-scale restaurant or a five star hotel, R.F. Fisher knows the critical aspects of working in the hospitality industry. Increasingly, these instillations require high-speed data and communication capabilities, as well as unique power requirements.
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R.F. Fisher Electric’s Industrial division has the experience and knows how to achieve the goals of our clients from power utility customers to manufacturers with production lines. We have the experience and expertise in working with systems on any level of size and complexity.
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Voice & Data Systems

At R.F. Fisher we pride ourselves at not only keeping up but being ahead of the curve. We’ll help you remain competitive, increase revenues and satisfy customers with whatever new technology is available.
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