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Metro and South Patrol Buildings

R.F. Fisher Electrical Contractors
R. F. Fisher was chosen to help with a complete upgrade of the communication infrastructure at the KCMO South and Metro police stations. The scope of the project was large and demanded teamwork from a number of professionals including architects, engineers, general contractors and KCMO and KCPD personnel. The goal was to design and completely install a fully functional state of the art communications system at both campuses. These systems were comprised of Category 6 voice and data cabling and equipment including a 10G fiber optic backbone between buildings, wireless data, cable TV and closed circuit TV consisting of Cisco VoIP cameras. Head end equipment and access control cabling were installed along with a variety of specialized proprietary systems. The two greatest challenges were coordinating the communication between all the various professionals involved and the physical challenges of multiple buildings and tough weather conditions. An official with KCMO commented, “This project was particularly challenging in terms of complexity and accelerated schedule. Fisher, as always, came through for the police department and the city of Kansas City.” R. F. Fisher works to always exceed our customers’ expectations.